If you are in the process of applying for a U visa, an employment-based immigrant visa, or any other type of non-immigrant or immigrant visa, chances are good that you’ll encounter an immigration lawyer at some point along the way. You might feel like these types of lawyers are only beneficial to those who have been accused of crimes or who have lost their court cases, but there are numerous reasons why it’s best to hire an immigration lawyer in Atlanta regardless of your status.

1. They’re Not a Friend of the Court

Immigration lawyers will not attend court for you, nor are they employed by the courts. Tadeo & Silva Immigration Lawyers are there to help you navigate any potential issues and to ensure that your case is handled in accordance with the law. If an immigration lawyer is your advocate and not a party to the legal proceedings themselves, their representation will be far more likely to prevent discrimination from taking place in your court case.

2. They Can Help You Avoid Mistakes and Errors

Immigration laws are extremely complicated and can be difficult to understand. Even qualified attorneys can make mistakes; however, immigration lawyers have far more experience with immigration law than any other type of court proceedings. A lawyer is likely to know exactly what you need to do in order to avoid common mistakes such as incorrectly missing a deadline, using the wrong form for your particular situation, or filing paperwork with the wrong agency.

3. They Can Help You Get Your Case Approved

Immigrants who aren’t represented by an immigration lawyer are more likely to have their application for citizenship or another type of visa denied. For example, if you’re applying for a green card and you make the mistake of applying based on marriage alone instead of filing a petition for an employment-based green card, your case will most likely be denied. Immigration lawyers understand how to read the current laws and how to apply those laws to your specific situation.

4. They Can Help You Avoid Being Deported

Immigration lawyers are familiar with the most recent court cases and trends in immigration law and can make sure that your case is handled quickly and correctly by Immigration Services. If you’ve been accused of a crime, an immigration lawyer can help you avoid getting deported if they can show that staying in America would be more beneficial to you than being sent back to another country.

5. They Can Help You Understand Your Rights

The best immigration lawyers in Atlanta will not only help you develop a strategy for your specific case but will also make sure that you understand everything that’s going on with your case. Your lawyer is legally required to inform you of your rights and should be available to answer any questions that you have during the course of your case.

6. They Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Case

Immigration lawyers, if they are trained correctly, can help you build a strong case for your particular situation. Your lawyer will have a better understanding of the laws that apply to your particular case and will ensure that you have all of the documents necessary to make sure that you’re receiving the most benefit from your case.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, but there aren’t any disadvantages listed. If you’re looking for legal help, the best thing you can do is speak with an attorney.