The burden of proof for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge, in the State of Georgia, is to show that the driver has alcohol or another substance impairing their mental faculties. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers under 21 years old is .02; and .08 for drivers 21 and older. In Georgia it is illegal to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher or while under the influence of drugs; and it is illegal to refuse to submit to a chemical test if requested by an officer.

Who is a DUI Lawyer?

A DUI Lawyer is an attorney who specializes in defending those accused of drunk or drugged driving. They have experience dealing with the court system that handles cases of this nature. To deal with breaking DUI laws in Atlanta, you will need an experienced law firm to defend you. This can be a DUI Defense Attorney, who will aggressively represent your rights in court, or a DUI Lawyer who will try to negotiate with the district attorney before going to court.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer:

  • Guides You in the Right Direction

Most DUI offenses are complicated by their nature. A DUI lawyer comes in handy because they know the law and they know how to deal with prosecutors and judges. They will tell you what to do, who to call to get the right professionals, how to follow up on the case, and sometimes even when it is time for you to make a plea.

  • Takes Away Worries

Cases, such as a DUI offense, can be overwhelming and cause stress on you or your loved one. A DUI lawyer can help you by putting your mind at ease and removing the stress of the case.

Prevents Mistakes

Some people make mistakes when they are dealing with this situation, mainly because of unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge about the law and its processes. A DUI Lawyer will guide you in all aspects of the process, so that there are no surprises later on.

  • Represents Clients with the District Attorney

A DUI defense attorney will represent you or a loved one in front of the district attorney and explain to you the charges and what your rights are. A good lawyer will work to negotiate a plea bargain, as well as make sure that you have all of your legal rights taken care of. If you are convicted for DUI, there are many ways to appeal your case.

  • Protects Your Rights

As stated before, a good lawyer can defend your rights and make sure that any mistakes aren’t made during the process. You can also appeal a DUI offense in the court of appeals and the supreme court. Sometimes a DUI attorney will help you to avoid jail time, but only if all legal rights have been followed and no mistakes have been made.

If you are arrested for drunk driving, the best advice that a DUI lawyer can give you is that you should never admit guilt. Researchers have found out that most people who were interviewed and admitted guilt ended up having their license suspended and facing jail time. If you want to fight the charge, hire a DUI attorney because they will be able to help you through the process and make sure that your rights are protected at all times.